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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Hi Scott ...

Do you know if nXt will be released for R4 and R5 when the time comes?

and .. today I used the new betas for R5 and nXt 64 and tried to stop and save the rendering before my posted limit (at 30 instead of 35 passes). It froze and locked up the computer. When I ran it again and let it stop at 35 then saving was no problem.  It was about 45 minutes for a fairly complex architectural model with trees.

I am running it again with R4 to compare times (just as a matter of personal interest).



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It seemed that when I tried to save the R4 version that it locked up again ... I waited for about 5 or 6 minutes and it reappeared and then saved just fine. Perhaps nXt simply takes a long time to shut off when the rendering stops. I got the message it had stopped responding but patience prevailed and all worked out.

The first question still stands.   ???





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