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easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

a problem with one of the fillets as seen in the attached images

This is kinda interesting; I was experimenting with fillets by completing the following steps:

create a circle

draw a straight line perpendicular to the circle

Pipe the circle and the line

polar array the straight pipe 

fillet each pipe to the piped circle

All went well until the very last fillet as you may observe in the images attached.  Any suggestions?  I should add that my render setting were in millimeters with 1 degree max angle and .01 mm max from surface.  This made a large file for such a simple model but at least reduced the fillet problem to a minimum.  cheers, Rob

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I have a couple of ideas re: what could be going wrong internally-- any chance we could get the model?  If so, and it's too large to attach here, let me know-- I'll get Scott to send you an upload link.

I reduced the file size to send, you'll easily see the fillet situation.  Thanks, Rob


Thanks-- I'll look at it in the next couple of days.

Groovy, I look forward to your input; interesting?

Rob -

This is Rhino trimming problem. The trim edges and the seam of the torus are creating some very unusual meshing problems.  To fix this

  1. Duplicated the border of the torus
  2. Untrim the torus
  3. Move the seam of the torus away from the trims.
  4. Re-trim the torus with the curves.
  5. Re-join back with the spokes.

Please see this video for a more detailed overview:http://screencast.com/t/znNh46UH

I hope that helps.

thanks for your reply, I'll give this procedure a try and get back to you.  any news on a new release (just curious).  cheers, Rob

Just watched the screencast.  Very nice indeed and many thanks,  I've repeated the steps in the screencast with great results.  Regards, Rob



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