Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows


today I wondered why my disk is full.

It's in the temp files:
Rhino gave me 4327 files like 124AA15.tmp, each exactly 2.37 MB.
I found out these are BMP files, containing the text "No materials
currently in the model...."

For now I deleted them, but in future it would be good they were not


Found it out:
With nXt as current renderer, the pure Rhino start creates 8 tmp files.
Render doesn't create any file.
Closing Rhino gives us 2 additional files.
In total 10 files per Rhino session.


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Charles -

Yes, we see those files also.  John is working through the code to see what is going on there.  Thanks for the heads up.



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