Flamingo nXt

easy rendering for Rhino in Windows

Completely new...

nXt is a completely new render engine for Rhino 4 or 5. It brings better quality and ease of use above previous Flamingo versions.

Note: Windows only


Getting Started with Flamingo nXt

Flamingo nXt has many updated features to improve your renderings. Details...

Rhino version 5.0 has been released.  Flamingo NXT will support both the 32 and 64-bit version.  If you are having trouble getting Flamingo NXT to run or install on Rhino 5, please go to the 
Flamingo NXT Installation troubleshooting page ...


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Brightness alters when opening files

Started by Oliver Jones. Last reply by Scott Davidson Aug 14. 5 Replies

I've been rendering various models using Flamingo nxt. Once i'm happy with the brightness, colours etc I begin rendering. After I've finished rendering I save and close the program. The problem is - once I reopen the file (usually the following day)…Continue

installation problem

Started by Rob Ladd. Last reply by Rob Ladd Jul 25. 2 Replies

this has not been a good week for me with Rhino/Flamingo.  I ran into printing problems with Rhino which were solved by uninstalling and installing the latest service release.  However when installing Flamingo Nxt from the CD, I get the following…Continue

Bands appearing in rendering

Started by Luis Manuel Pinho. Last reply by Luis Manuel Pinho Jul 21. 2 Replies

Hi All,I am having an unexpected result when rendering one of my models. I select a wood material from the pre-shipped Flamingo materials library and sometimes ( actually most times now) the rendering appears with a banded pattern which is not…Continue

Tags: problem, Rendering

Glass not rendering correctly

Started by chub. Last reply by Roy Hirshkowitz Jul 12. 3 Replies

Hi All, I am having some trouble with my renderings of this cabinet door. It has glass panes and a glass shelf. As you can see, when it renders, the shelf appears black. I know this must be something to do with the reflection of the light against…Continue

Tags: 4, Rhino

"RPC server is unavailable" error

Started by Albert Rodríguez. Last reply by Dale Fugier Jul 11. 7 Replies

Hi,we are getting this error (RPC server is unavailable) when rendering with Flamingo nXt.The error occurs for a while. After some hours the error disappears and we are able to render again.Is it a problem with the license and/or in the McNeel…Continue

a problem with one of the fillets as seen in the attached images

Started by Rob Ladd. Last reply by Rob Ladd Jul 10. 7 Replies

This is kinda interesting; I was experimenting with fillets by completing the following steps:create a circledraw a straight line perpendicular to the circlePipe the circle and the linepolar array the straight pipe fillet each pipe to the piped…Continue




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